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To Find your version match the first part of your serial number to the list below.


CDF0 = WRT54G v1.0
CDF1 = WRT54G v1.0
CDF2 = WRT54G v1.1
CDF3 = WRT54G v1.1
CDF5 = WRT54G v2.0
CDF7 = WRT54G v2.2
CDF8 = WRT54G v3.0
CDF9 = WRT54G v3.1
CDFA = WRT54G v4.0
CDFB = WRT54G v5.0
CDFC = WRT54G v5.1
CDFD = WRT54G v6.0
CDFE = WRT54G v7.0 - dd-wrt not possible
CDFK = WRT54G v7.2
CDFF = WRT54G v8.0
CDFG = WRT54G v8.0
MDF0 = WRT54G v8.1
CDFJ = WRT54G v8.2

CSV0 = WRT54G2 v1.0
CSV? = WRT54G2 v1.1
CSV? = WRT54G2 v1.3
CSV? = WRT54G2 v1.5

CL7A = WRT54GL v1.0
CL7B = WRT54GL v1.1
CL7C = WRT54GL v1.1
CF7C = WRT54GL v1.1

CGN0 = WRT54GS v1.0
CGN1 = WRT54GS v1.0
CGN2 = WRT54GS v1.1
CGN3 = WRT54GS v2.0
CGN4 = WRT54GS v2.1
CGN5 = WRT54GS v3.0
CGN6 = WRT54GS v4.0
CGN7 = WRT54GS v5.0
CGN8 = WRT54GS v5.1
CGN9 = WRT54GS v6.0
CGNA = WRT54GS v7.0
CGNB = WRT54GS v7.0
CGNC = WRT54GS v7.0
CGNE = WRT54GS v7.2

CJK0 = WRTSL54GS v1.0
CUQ0 = WRT54GS2 v1.0

CDF1 = WRT54G-RG (Rogers - Canada)
CO61 = WRT54G-TM v1.1 (T-Mobile HotSpots)
QMF00H = WRTU54G-TM - dd-wrt not possible

See more information on the LinksysInfo Autopsy page.


CVN01 = E1000 v1.0
XXXXX = E1000 v2.0
XXXXX = E2000
XXXXX = E2100L v1.0
CVQ01 = E3000

CVJ0 = Valet M10 v1.0
XXXXX = Valet M10 v2.0
CVK0 = Valet Plus M20 v1.0

XXXXX = WAG160N - No dd-wrt

MSU0 = WRT110N v1.0 - No dd-wrt

JUT0 = WRT120n v1.0 - No dd-wrt

CQ60 = WRT150N v1.0
CQ61 = WRT150N v1.1

CSE01 = WRT160N v1.0
CSE01 = WRT160N v1.1
CSE11 = WRT160N v2.0 - No dd-wrt
CSE31 = WRT160N v3.0
CSE41 = WRT160N v3.0
CSE51 = WRT160N v3.0

CUR01 = WRT160NL

CNP01 = WRT300N v1.0
CNP11 = WRT300N v1.1
SNP00 = WRT300N v2.0

CSF01 = WRT310N v1.0
CSF11 = WRT310N v2.0

CUH01 = WRT320N v1.0

XXXXX = WRT330N v1.0 - No dd-wrt

CNQ0 = WRT350N v1.0
SNQ0 = WRT350N v2.0 - No dd-wrt

ANR0 or MNR0 = WRT600N v1.0
ANR0 or MNR0 = WRT600N v1.1

CTG0 = WRT610N v1.0
CTG1 = WRT610N v2.0

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