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Getting the Corerev of various models

To get the corerev of your unit, from telnet or the administration => commands tab:

nvram show|grep corerev

If you have a dual radio, you will see wl0 & wl1. If you have a single radio, wl0 will contain the corerev.

There was a thread started regarding the corerev of various models. Located here. If you would like to contribute your corerev...please edit the appropriate section here and add not duplicate your model if it already exists in this list.


WL500G / wl0=5
WL500G Deluxe / wl0=5
WL500GP v1.0 / wl0=9
WL500GP v2.0 / wl0=13
WL500W / wl0=11
WL520GU / wl0=13
RT-N10 / wl0=21
RT-N12 / wl0=17
RT-N16 / wl0=17


F5D7230 v1000 / wl0=4
F5D7230-4 v2000 / wl0=7
F5D7231-4 v2000 / wl0=9


WHR-HP-G54 / wl0=9
WHR-G54S / wl0=9
WBR-G54 / wl0=5
WBR2-G54 / wl0=7
WBR2-G54S / wl0=7
WLA-G54 / wl0=4
WLA-G54C / wl0=5
WLA2-G54C / wl0=7
WHR-G125 / wl0=13
WHR2-A54G54 / wl0=5
WLI2-TX1-G54 / wl0=5
WZR-300N / wl0=11
WZR-RS-G54 / wl0=5


WAP54G v1.0 / wl0=4
WAP54G v2.0 / wl0=7
WAP54G v3.1 / wl0=9
WRH54G / wl0=13
WRT54G v1.0 / wl0=4
WRT54G v1.1 / wl0=4 (some are wl0=5)
WRT54G v2.0 / wl0=7
WRT54G v2.2 / wl0=7
WRT54G v3.0 / wl0=7
WRT54G v4.0 / wl0=9
WRT54G v5.0 / wl0=9
WRT54G v6.0 / wl0=9
WRT54G v8.0 / wl0=13
WRT54G v8.2 / wl0=13
WRT54GS v1.0 / wl0=7
WRT54GS v1.1 / wl0=7
WRT54GS v2.0 / wl0=7
WRT54GS v2.1 / wl0=7
WRT54GS v3.0 / wl0=9
WRT54GS v4.0 / wl0=9
WRT54GS v6.0 / wl0=9
WRT54GS v7.0 / wl0=13
WRT54GS v7.2 / wl0=13
WRT54GL / wl0=9
WRT54G-TM / wl0=9
WRT54G2 v1.0 / wl0=13
WRTSL54GS / wl0=9
WTR54GS v1.0 / wl0=7
WTR54GS v2.0 / wl0=7
WTR54GS v2.1 / wl0=7
WRT150N v1.0 / wl0=11
WRT150N v1.1 / wl0=12
WRT160N v1.0 / wl0=12
WRT160N v3.0 / wl0=17
WRT300N v1.0 / wl0=11
WRT300N v1.1 / wl0=11
WRT310n v1.0 / wl0=12
WRT310n v2.0 / wl0=17
WRT350n / wl0=11
WRT600n v1.0 / wl0=11 / wl1=12
WRT600n v1.1 / wl0=11 / wl1=12
WRT610n v1.0 / wl0=16 / wl1=16
WRT610n v2.0 / wl0=17 / wl1=16


TrueMobile 2300 v1 / wl0=4
TrueMobile 2300 v2 / wl0=7

D Link

DIR-320 / wl0=13


WR850G v1.0 / wl0=5
WR850G v2.0 / wl0=7
WE850G v1.0 / wl0=4


WNR834B v1.0 / wl0=11
WNR834B v2.0 / wl0=11
WNDR3300 / wl0=12 / wl1=9
WGR614L v8.0 / wl0=13
WG602 v3 / wl0=7
WG602 v4 / wl0=13
WNDR3500v2 / wl0=17
WNDR3500v2_VC / wl0=17
WNDR3500U / wl0=17
WNDR3500L / wl0=17


WL-111 / wl0=4

US Robotics

USR5441 / wl0=7
USR5451 / wl0=7
USR5461 / wl0=7


WAPBR-100 / wl0=7

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