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Open Tickets

Ticket #1498 - Serial consol message "function ej_dumppppoe not found"
Ticket #1492 - vlan0 on RT-N16
Ticket #1458 - Typo in services AOSS section of services tab
Ticket #1438 - Some 14144 builds won't load on Netgear units.
Ticket #1434 - Wrt400n Secuirty led no longer fuctions when secrity is set
Ticket #1435 - Wrt400n has LAN MAC sudo matching ath1's MAC
Ticket #1436 - Wrt400n 5ghz rate always says auto rather then actually speed
Ticket #1431 - Linksys WRT400N - Site survey shows doubles and triples of the same SSID
Ticket #1420 - Wireless LED constantly flashing WRT400N
Ticket #1406 - ifconfig doesn't calculate classless broadcast addresses correctly
Ticket #1403 - Special scripts (.if .ipup .ipdown) not working
Ticket #1402 - No Security LED on WRT300N - Work around
Ticket #1368 - Micro WLAN not restarting when changes made. - Thread
Ticket #1362 - WL-500W bricks with 13637 K26 Big.
Ticket #1361 - WNR834bv2 bricks with device specific build of 13637
Ticket #1352 - Repeater mode problem with K26 and NEWD2 builds
Ticket #1200 - Filter WAN NAT redirection drops LAN DHCP responses
Ticket #1182 - Going from 12523 to 12533 broke my script in /tmp/www/cgi-bin
Ticket #1121 - Startup Script not running.
Ticket #1113 - LAN IP address access
Ticket #973 - Firewall blocks dhcp renewal responses - Work around provided

Enhancement Requests

Ticket #1439 - Option to save traff data to /jffs
Ticket #1385 - Static Lease Timeout column.
Ticket #757 - Adding reverse proxy to standard build....

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